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Hi, I am Dr. Shari Miller, a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist by the APTA.

I strongly believe athletic ability is not simply for those under 30--athletic ability is a skill we have throughout life.

The ability to do athletic things, to do hard things, reminds us of our strength and who we are to our core.

There are obstacles that come our way that require coaching and consulting to keep our athletic ability and be our active healthy selves.

For women the most common obstacles are during pregnancy, postpartum and transitioning back into a healthy style as a parent.

For runners the most common obstacles are getting fully back to running after an injury--there is a gap by traditional therapy or PDFs given by doctors to do self rehab. 

For busy parents it is the balance of needing mobility and strength to keep up with your kids and teach them not only the sport skills but the character-building skills that require our athletic ability.

My personal goal is to be the lady in her 80s at the local gym doing my thing to stay strong and independent.

I am stubborn by nature and refuse to give up--this means I refuse to give up on you--you have the power and ability to do whatever your goal is--you may just need expert coaching or consulting to get you there.

I am in the top 6% of USA physical therapists in Orthopedics. 

I read research weekly--it's my free time passion.

I feel it is my obligation to know any and everything that can get you better results FASTER.

Welcome to my space, if you don't see a training, resource or program that addresses your need send me a DM on one of my socials and let's talk.

Available Programs

Renew Strength

Want to Add-On support, accountability and unlock messaging within the app for your online program? Or are you looking to have a custom designed program with support for the month? This is it.

Rehab Coaching

Interested in getting personalized support for getting back to exercise so that you can feel healthy and athletic? Do you feel like you try some exercises and end up hurting the next day and are unsure if you should continue? Or have an on-going "bad" area of your body that keeps getting in your way? This is for you.

Pregnancy Pain Relief Masterclass

How to Stop Back, Butt, Hip or Pelvic Pain during Pregnancy (...and it's NOT what you think!)

FREE TRIAL: Postpartum Reset

Get your Free Trial of Postpartum Reset:

Sign up to gain access to Week 1 and try it out

Sleep Soundly: Prenatal Sleep Kit

End sleepless nights by getting your Sleep Soundly Kit so you can wake up refreshed in 3 days or less

Bump Balance Bootcamp

At Bootcamp you will be coached through unlocking tension, tightness and aches so you can have a comfortable pregnancy and feel birth ready. The LIVE Bootcamp is 2 days (90 min each) with on-demand sessions via the app after bootcamp ends.

These trainings are the goodie bag you receive prior to the live event.

Postpartum Reset

Ever hear of Couch to 5k? Take that format and apply it for your pelvic floor and deep core recovery after pregnancy. 6 Weeks to get you ready for workout classes and running.

Run Faster: Level 1

Run faster level 1 is for those running under 10 miles a week who want to build a strong foundation to run faster.

Run Faster: Level 2

Ready for taking your runs to the next level?

Perfect for those who complete Level 1 OR already workout 5-6 days/week with some intensity.

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