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Hi, I am Dr. Shari, an Orthopedic Physical Therapist.

I help moms with the issues that can hold you back, make you want to give up on exercise or even worse just throw in the towel and sit back watching your kiddo grow up without being along side running, laughing and training.

As a mom of 3 boys, I treasure these times with my kiddos. You can too.

So if you've ever peed a little when you cough or run, had a backache during pregnancy, had a running injury when training or wondered why your abs just won't ever be the same again...I've got you mama.

You can now have simple, effective programs to follow along and heal yourself using science backed methods. Say goodbye to hour long sessions and get-it-done.

Available Programs

Quick Start Guides

Grab Your Nutrition Guide, Runner's Guide and Boost Your Run Speed Checklist here!

Postpartum Reset

Feel a few drips of pee accidently since you had a baby?

Postpartum Reset is the plan for new moms who notice their pelvic floor muscles don't seem to be functioning like they used to. 

During pregnancy the pelvic floor muscles become overstretched, leaving them not working as well as they used to.

Kegels aren't enough to fix it. 

The muscles need more than strength, they also need coordination.

Postpartum Reset teaches you how to do both.

Sleep Soundly: 3 Day Prenatal Challenge

End sleepless nights by joining a 3 day prenatal challenge designed by a physical therapist to help you get comfortable in bed and sleep soundly. Perfect for moms dealing with lower back pain during pregnancy and looking for pregnancy stretches. 

Bump Balance: Holistic Wellness for Pregnancy Discomforts



Discover the revolutionary prenatal program that's changing the game for expectant moms everywhere – it's called Bump Balance, and it's not just any prenatal program; it's an evidence-based journey to a healthier, more comfortable pregnancy.

With Bump Balance, you'll learn to listen to your body like never before, pinpointing the movements that will leave you feeling energetic, and free from those nagging aches and pains.

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