Pregnancy Stretches for First and Second Trimester

Pregnancy Stretches For First and Second Trimester It is amazing how quickly a mama's body changes even in the early stages of pregnancy. Maybe you barely see a bump yet but feel the shifts within your body. It is busy doing amazing things! Growing a baby is such a blessing. You should be blessed by feeling good and being able to workout like you want to. Working out for two is special. Stretching and mobility are a staple in keeping mamas active and moving through all of pregnancy. Start with ...

Best Sleeping Position for Pregnancy and Benefits of Good Sleep

Best Sleeping Position for Pregnancy and Benefits of Good Sleep Pregnancy is a beautiful yet challenging phase for every woman. With the joy of expecting a new member in the family comes various physical and emotional changes. Among the many concerns during this time, one topic that surfaces often is sleep. What is the best sleeping position for pregnancy? Why is good sleep so essential during these crucial nine months? Let's delve deep. 1. The Importance of Sleep During Pregnancy Quality sleep ...

Finding Your Strength in Every Step of Pregnancy

Finding Your Strength in Every Step of Pregnancy Sarah’s Journey from Discomfort to Empowerment In the dark morning light, Sarah laced up her running shoes, brimming with anticipation for the day’s run. An avid runner and a passionate advocate for health, she always looked forward to these moments of solitude. With two children at home and another on the way, these runs were not just about physical wellness; they were her sanctuary.  But lately, her strides weren’t as ...

From Bump to Finish Line: How One Pregnant Mom Defied the Odds and Completed a Half Marathon at 38 Weeks!

You know how sometimes you read about people doing big things and you’re like “oh, well that’s just them. It’s rare.” As I meet more moms through life, I realize there is an inner hero hidden inside all of us. Just like my running friend Sara. She faced tons of obstacles but never gave up on her dreams. Even when things got tough, she kept pushing and now she's getting ready for her biggest challenge yet - race day. It's crazy inspiring to see how hard she's worked to get here and how she's proved that anything is possible.

Ultimate Guide to Sciatica During Pregnancy: Everything To Know

What is sciatica? Have you ever felt a tingling, pins and needles feeling down the back of your leg? Or maybe a burning sensation from your buttocks down your leg? It could be sciatica. Sciatica is the medical term for irritation, of the sciatic nerve. This irritation of the sciatic nerve can be caused by pinching, compression, inflammation of the nerve or surrounding structures.

Things No One Tells You About Pregnancy and Exercise

Exercising while pregnant can feel intimidating and overwhelming. It's important to remember that all pregnancies are different and each mom's body will respond in its own unique way. To help you navigate the world of exercise, here are 8 things no one tells you about pregnancy and exercise. 1. Taking Deep Breath Feels Impossible One of the first things you'll notice that taking a deep breath feels impossible. As your baby grows, your ribcage expands, which can make it harder to take a deep ...

Best Sleeping Position during Pregnancy - How To Get Comfortable In Bed When Pregnant

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Why Do I Still Look Pregnant After Giving Birth

This is the hot topic in mom circles.  The frustration with still looking pregnant after giving birth. Or even a year after giving birth. Why does a woman's stomach seem squishy and just not the same, even if trying to do core work? Well the first thing to know is it is not your fault. I recorded a quick video sharing what happens with this and you can watch it below: Now, the scientific explanation of what is going on in the body is more detailed.  What happens is the abdominal muscles ...

Which Is Better For Pregnancy Back Pain Relief?

Can't sleep mama? Sign up for Sleep Soundly: 3 Day Prenatal Challenge Prefer to read rather than listen? I've got you. The transcript is below: [00:00:00] Hey, this video we are going to talk about, does exercise make your back pain worse? I am Dr. Shari Miller, orthopedic physical Therapist, and let's dive in. So back pain and exercise is a fabulous question. Obviously if you're here, you're curious, you probably have some aching, some tightness, some tension. If you have pain going down the ...

Getting Back To Exercise After Having A Baby

After having a baby I was surprised how much strength it felt like I had lost. I had worked out through most of my pregnancy. I walked. I rode the stationary bike. I did strength training. Why did I feel like everything was so much harder when I worked out after having a baby? I know part of it was sleep. That's the easy answer. I was trying to do the normal online streaming workouts I had done even during pregnancy. But they were hard. I even tried plyometrics because I wanted a good intense ...

5 Common Mistakes When Trying To Ease Back Pain During Pregnancy

The alarm goes off... I was so tired. I had barely slept as I struggled to get comfortable. I refused to use one of those pillows that takes up the entire bed pushing my husband to another room. Let's be honest, I needed him. My husband had to help me get out of bed. It hurt to roll over. Hurt to stand up from the edge of the bed. I was tired of hurting. Pregnancy low back pain affected my day from the time I woke up, through my work day, and all evening. I was normally active, enjoy working ...

3 Keys To Strong Abs After Having A Baby

The 6 week check-up. There is so many emotions riding on this one appointment. For those who had birth trauma, stitches or are sore and wondering when your body may feel like your own again, you are holding out hope. Hope for some answers. For those of who love to run, hoping to be cleared to run and workout again. But there isn't much information out there about what to do to help your body in recovery postpartum. I know I was frustrated myself and muscles are even a part of my specialty. As a ...

What Causes Early Back Pain During First Trimester?

Can't Sleep Mama? Sign up for Sleep Soundly: 3 Day Prenatal Challenge First Trimester Back Pain can happen for many reasons. As long as your OB has cleared any major medical reason, then let's dive into the most common reasons for back pain during pregnancy. First trimester back pain has to deal with the changing size of the uterus and the hormone changes within the body. Listen in to the video above for an in-depth breakdown of why your back may hurt during pregnancy, even in the first ...

Choosing To Find Your Inner Strength During Pregnancy

This letter was written with a close friend in mind. One who I have waited years to watch have the chance to become a mom and experience all-the-things. In my wish for her to experience it all, I also wanted to share the lessons I learned in my 3 pregnancy journeys to prepare her as any good friend would. Today, I share it with you too. Hey friend, I know that everyone has been telling you all sorts of stories about labor and childbirth. I know you are scared. I saw your face. The deep breaths ...


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